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Evan McCallum

The place of the ritual should be ringed about with eight standing stones (as large as practical) and have an altar near the north of the ritual area. Beyond the altar hang a banner of the Odin-Rune in black cloth with silver or gold rune-markings. Place a rune-banner for Freya to one side of the Odin-rune and one for Thor to the other side. (Suitable images representing the three Deities may replace the banners.) The patron gods of this season are Balder and Nanna, who are husband and wife. If possible, make up rune-banners for each and place them immediately behind the altar.

On the altar should be an incense brazier, a sword or dagger and a drinking-horn in its center. Have a jug of mead or ale beneath or beside the altar. You may want to have copies of the rite for the participants.

At the center if the ritual area, or beside the bonfire, have a wheel or star of wood (or some other simple, combustible construction) to be sacrificed to the flames during the rite. If indoors, it should be small, so that it can be burned in the incense brazier. For example, a small model or eight-spoked wheel scribed on parchment.

Light the ritual area only with fire. Place a torch at each Quarter and before each rune banner. Have candles or torches on or beside the altar, to be lit during the ceremony. Before beginning, light a small taper on the altar in order to light the other candles or torches and to aid reading. Altar candles should be yellow.

Devotees may carry hand held banners or standards of the Odin-Rune, symbolizing the Gods of Valhalla, or heroes of our own people. Appropriate music would be Wagner's "Entry of the Gods into Valhalla" followed by "Siegfried's Rhine Journey." Alternately, continuously play "Summer," from Walter Carlos' "Sonic Seasonings." Some may prefer other music, even storm or other nature sounds. A bull's horn or other appropriate musical instrument should signal the start of the rite, announce the coming of Spring during the ritual and sound the end of the ceremony.

In addition to the Godi (Priest), it is best a Godia (Priestess) leads the ritual. If a woman of the Folk is not available, place flowers before the banner of Freya and the Godi (or any other) may speak the words of the Godia.

When all is in readiness, sound the horn (or other appropriate musical instrument, if available) and assemble the folk. (There there is room, the Godi and Godia may lead a Procession of Honor, ending before the altar.) The Godi (or other so appointed) lights the candles or torches beside the altar.

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Making Cone Incense


By Mike Young


Preparation: Dry Mixture

When experimenting with different herbs, you may get unexpected results. An ordinarily sweet and pleasant smelling herb may not be so when burning. Also, adding another woodsy herb may tone down a strong scent. Here is a sample recipe using rosemary:

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Solitary Summer Rite

Jason Rath

Your altar should be facing east. Perform the "Opening of the Temple" exercise as in the Beltane Ritual. Then invoke the four Quarters beginning in the east.

Invocation to the East:

Oh guardians of the East, harken to my call. Come swift sylphs of celestial waves. See that this rite is strong and smooth. And send my magick like a cloud a drift! So mote it be!

Invocation to the South:

Oh guardians of the South, harken to my call. Come salamanders quick, oh creatures of the celestial light, as flaming witnesses without heat. Come to this Circle and aid this rite! So mote it be!

Invocation to the West:

Oh guardians of the West, harken to my call. Come, undines of reflection, from the celestial seas. Travel sure and calmly unto my sacred Circle, like the cool tide of my Lady's ocean. So mote it be!

Invocation to the North:

Oh guardians of the North, harken to my call. Come gnomes of secret caverns, oh ye dwellers in celestial caves. Come and aid my doings, give me reign over all terrains. Oh come faithful watchers and strengthen this Circle! So mote it be!

If you wish, you may use the elemental meditations found in the Beltane ritual.

Invoke the God and Goddess. Keep in mind that this rite is dedicated to the Sun God at his peak. Then He dies, giving the throne to the Holly King. The Goddess acts as the Mother. Though She mourns the death of the Oak King,

She understands through His death, the mature Holly King may reign with Her in this season. Because of this She is not sad, instead She is happy and dances about.

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Worship Of The Goddess

The Lost Art


By Rev. Sylvia Jackson, HPS

Children of the Goddess:

As I had told you in the last article that I did for NMR, I would continue to teach you of the

old ways, the true ways. And even though I am terminal with brain cancer, your letters have given me the strength to continue. Thank you so much!

What I would like to cover, this time, is the Worship of the Goddess, or the lack of it in the modern `traditions'. I have been invited to dozens of circles for Esbets, Sabbats, and gatherings, but the one thing that was missing was worship!

Tell me, why do we go into circle? Why do we even celebrate the Sabbats? Is it because we simply have magick to work on, spells to cast, or healing to be done? Are the Sabbats no more than an excuse to party, especially at Litha? I certainly hope not! But, unfortunately, this is what the world of the modern Wicca has digressed to.

Let me begin by taking you 27,000 years into the past. At that time, humanity had begun to master cultivation of plants and the domestication of animals. Some of the people of the time were more intellectually and psychically advanced than others. The Elder Gods saw this and came to these people and spoke to them. They taught them the language of the Gods, the primal ways of nature, and magick. In the ancient Ogham, which is the language of the Gods, the women who were chosen were called the "Wicce". The men were called the "Witta". The knowledge that they were given, which then became their way of life, was known by the combination of these two words, as Wicca. A word much older than Celtic which means the "Craft of the Gods", and then became the "Craft of the Wise Ones."

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Summer Solstice

By Jason Rath

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, the zenith of the Sun, represented by the Oak King. Like Beltane, it is a fire festival. The summer rite is also the beginning of the Holly King's reign, the god of the waning year. The Goddess celebrates the height of the Oak King's power and the fecundity He brings. She also presides over His death and the enthronement of His dark twin, the Holly King.

At this time, the Oak King, in various guises, would be burned alive, blinded with a mistletoe stake or crucified on a tau (T-shaped) cross. Ancient cultures would often enact this sacrifice. The God Himself would withdraw to the circumpolar stars (the Corona Borealis) to await rebirth.

Despite the death aspect, the summer solstice is a celebration. The powers of life are greatest at this time. The Goddess is at Her most fecund and sensuous. When one accepts the full cycle of life, there is no reason to lament.

Drawn from A Witches Bible Complete by Janet and Stewart Farrar.



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