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About New Moon Rising

Begun in 1989 as an outgrowth of The Mystic Moon metaphysical shop in the San Diego area of Southern California by Scot Rhoads and Judith Wise, New Moon Rising has always been a venue for aspiring writers and inquiring minds.  Among the many notable contributors one can find the likes of Scot Cunningham and Donald Michael Kraig, regular columnists for many years, and the early works of many of today's prominent writers.

In 1997 Nuin Macdonald and Thailia Brown-Scott purchased the magazine from Scot and Judith.  It was time for them to move on to new fields of endeavor.   The fresh and new energy of Nuin and Thailia brought some dramatic changes to NMR.  Nuin and Thailia both come from deep and varied magickal backgrounds.  Former metaphysical bookshop owners for well over 15 years and active in the magickal pagan renaissance since the 1960's, they brought there own unique outlook to NMR.

However, the changes were not without there hardships and delays.   Taking over from Scot was not an easy task. But steadfast determination won in the end.  With a completely new look,  NMR is ready for a new century.   With Nuin and Thailia's move to the British Isles the magazine has now taken on an international pan-pagan focus.  Although it is developing a international audience, its largest readership is in the United States where it is printed and widely distributed.  

Nuin has stated that the goal they have for New Moon Rising "... is to be a vital stimulus in the continuing international Pagan Renaissance. We owe no allegiance to or are we aligned with, any group, movement, ideology, or tradition. It is our earnest desire to see NMR become an intelligent forum on pagan culture, history and practice while exploring the possible futures for paganism.   So much of today's marketplace if filled with a hodgepodge of self proclaimed teachers recycling the same material, over and over. We are not immune to this just tired of it. There is so much more to pagan life than the casting spells and working magick. So, we find it our mission to present a pan-pagan forum for intellectual and experiential sharing.

The year 2000  saw NMR go to full color covers, international distribution, and the re-launch of its redesigned Website NMR Online. Although currently a bi-annual we hope to return to our quarterly schedule in 2001.   NMR Online makes accessible all back issues of NMR and a wide variety of resources for the pagan and magickal communities. 




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