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Prenatal Solar Eclipse

Connie S. Mizrachi

The Prenatal Solar Eclipse is the eclipse that occurs within six months of birth. The house and sign of this point in our chart indicate group karma. It usually shares the same house and/or sign with the North or South Lunar Node. The sign, house and relationship to the Nodes of the Moon indicate the qualities of the Prenatal Eclipse. For example, someone born on June 15, 1951 has a North Node of 13? Pisces and a South Node of 13? Virgo. The solar eclipse before the date of birth occurred on March 7th at 16? Pisces. This person's group karma is strongly related to the point of his own highest potential in the present lifetime, represented by the North Node at 13? Pisces. These two points are only three degrees away from each other, thus they are in a conjunction aspect and their energies join forces.

A thorough delineation would, of course, involve examining the chart as a whole. But simply, a person with a Pisces North Node needs, in the present lifetime, to develop the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, a more spiritual view and experience of life. Also (as opposed to its polarity, the 13? Virgo South Node), he should learn to feel a sense of unity with the Universe through faith rather than focusing on detail with the rational working of the mind.

On a tape of his California workshop, "Prenatal Eclipses Through the Eyes of the Soul," Buz Myers explains a theory of how souls come into incarnate. He describes the Earth as a living being, with an aura around it like that of a human being. During a solar eclipse, the Earth's aura is pierced and a large group of souls enters. Each group comes in with a function and purpose. The zodiacal sign of the eclipse determines the particular qualities of the group's goal. On the level of the individual soul, the house placement defines the area of life in which the sign's qualities will be expressed. Planetary relationships to the eclipse point will determine how the energy is used and expressed.

To continue the example: The chart of the person born after the 16th degree of the Pisces could have Pisces on the cusp of the 6th house. This house represents how we use our energy, how we apply discrimination and the conditions surrounding our health and our ability to be of service. With a Piscean Prenatal Eclipse placed in this house, 6th activities best express the function of this person within the group.

This same person's chart might also contain planets in the sixth house, or planets could contact the 16? Pisces point from other areas of the chart. For instance, if the Sun forms a harmonious aspect (trine or sextile) with the Prenatal Eclipse point, the person might be in more touch with the purpose of his fellow souls. If the Sun and eclipse point form a more challenging aspect (square, opposition, conjunction), there is stress on that person's ability or willingness to identify with the goals and functions of the group.

Personal awareness and experience best validates the influence of the Prenatal Eclipse. It is easy to find it in an ephemeris and add it to your natal chart. Try to be aware of planets transiting the eclipse. At these times you can learn to use the energies of those planets to reach beyond your personal life and discover the part you play in something larger.




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